Burglar Alarm Systems: The Advantage of Getting One

A home could be the most valuable property for a lot of people. However, a common home does not typically feature drawbridges, ramparts, moats, and thick walls of stones which will serve as primary defenses from unwanted visitors. So, it is much better if you could make your home safe and secure with devices with fewer features yet is as effective.

Burglar Alarm Systems

This is not a problem today since home security systems or house alarms have been developed and introduces to provide utmost home security. It enables homeowners to protect their homes from burglars and criminals. Adt alarms installation even leads to increasing family safety, as well as the property and belongings.

Nowadays, the home burglar alarm system has become a very efficient device with great demand. This safety alarm is featured as an electronic device that has sensors; it is connected to the main control panel either through a hardwire or narrow Burglar Alarm Systemsband RF signal with low voltage. When connections between the signal and the unit were made, screaming alarms are created to elicit response from those who will hear it.


The sensors that are very common for wireless burglar alarms are those which indicate the opening of doors and windows. The latest designed security systems are chiefly hardwired in order to be more cost effective. However, retrofit wireless systems are also more economical and quicker to install.

Burglar Alarm Systems: The Advantage of Getting One

Burglar alarm systems are created to serve different purposes. It includes alarm systems which can handle fire, intrusion, and simultaneous safety alarms. The designs and feature range from built-in to small noisemakers. But there are available complicated designs that are equipped with hi-technology having a multi-zoned system that are computer based. Many of the designs have been conceptualized to be very portable and appropriate in protecting your house and even your vehicle.

The burglar alarm efficiency will depend on the type of zone being triggered; zone’s number, time within a day, and other installed aspects in the monitoring scheme. These systems are capable of initiating various actions or calling the fire department, ambulance, and police department immediately upon instructions. Well, you can try calling the product supervisor to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the burglar alarm.

Other functions also include calls on the owner’s provided telephone number lists to contact them in case of emergency and check if the premises are secured. Some zones are capable of making phone calls locally at the oil heating company for system inspection or directly contact the owner giving specific details about the area that are getting flooded. There are also some burglar alarm systems being attached to video surveillance systems for remote monitoring.

The desired outcome of your burglar alarm system causes a specified alarm output and quickly responds whenever the sensors identify valid conditions which have activated the alarm. The unit’s ability in communicating back to its monitoring system is truly a crucial aspect for determining the efficiency of the alarm.

Just remember that there are insurance companies as well as local government agencies requiring alarm system codes upon its installation. They can also acquire the third party’s certification which inspects the quality and efficiency of your alarm systems. If ever you have an independent certification, ensure that it meets the qualification levels beyond promotions and offers of its dealers. This will ensure that your alarm system is efficient, reliable and have high quality. It is very important to obtain these qualities in a burglar alarm system to avail its advantages, but most of all, to protect you from unwanted losses in the future.

SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set – Includes LOUD 120 dB Keypad Alarm with Three Additional Door/Window Alarms – DIY EASY Installation

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Sabre Wireless Alarm Kit HS-WAK

Product Description

The FBI estimates every 14.5 seconds a home break-in occurs, resulting in over $15 billion in loss and damages annually. Protect your home, apartment, dorm or office with the Wireless Alarm Kit from the SABRE Homes Series.

The kit includes the Elite Door Alarm which arms and disarms with a keypad, and three additional door / window alarms. This kit provides a simple, effective, and very affordable way for you to secure key entry points of your home with 120dB sirens. Protect yourself and your belongings with the SABRE Wireless Alarm Kit!

#1 Choice of Law Enforcement Worldwide

This Wireles Alarm Kit is from SABRE Security Equipment Corporation, the manufacturer of the world’s number one selling pepper sprays: SABRE & SABRE Red. The #1 brand chosen by both law enforcement agencies and consumers, SABRE backs the most effective pepper spray with education and training to maximize personal safety. Increasing its offering of personal and professional safety products, SABRE is packaging its safety knowledge and experience into a new line of home security products. The simple DIY installation and affordable price points make SABRE’s home alarms, both wireless and standalone models, a must have for any home owner looking for a “fee free” way to protect their homes.

Kit Includes

• Elite Door
• Three Window / Door Alarms
• All Needed Hardware
• Complete Installation Instructions

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The Competition
120 dB Keypad Door Window Alarm plus 3 additional alarms
Installs in Minutes
No Wiring Necessary
Sensor Works on Both Sides for Easier Installation
Chime Mode – Perfect to Announce Visitors When at Home
Low Battery Indicator
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Easy and Practical DIY Installation

The SABRE Home Series provides effective products that require just seconds to install. Each product comes packaged with detailed instructions and images showing the DIY installation, complete with recommendations on where to place these products so they will be of greatest benefit to the consumer.

Special Features
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120 dB Alert

Each alarm included in SABRE’s Wireless Alarm Kit sounds a 120 dB alert when activated. That level of sound can be heard up to 300 feet (100 M) away – that’s the length of a standard sized football field! These high decibels help deter intruders and dangerous threats you may encounter while on the go.
Decibel Equivalents
120 dB – Chain Saw
110 dB – Concert Speaker
100 dB – Jack Hammer
90 dB – Motorcycle or Lawnmower
85 dB – Smoke Detector
60 dB – Human Voice Conversing

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Effective Deterrent

The benefits of the door and window alarms’ very high noise level are many, but most importantly when these are activated anyone in the immediate area will hear it. Residents will be alerted if they’re inside and likely woken if sleeping. Second, the intruder will either be deterred from entering, or will now be aware the residents are likely awake which makes them think twice about continuing their crime. Finally, neighbors could potentially be notified of the situation. The sound serves as an effective deterrent because burglars and thieves want to commit crimes without drawing attention to themselves or having to deal with neighbors or homeowners.

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No Installation Fees

SABRE Wireless Alarm Kit customers receive an excellent level of protection without additional fees.

The Kit does not require installation fees, meaning customers can save up to $500 by avoiding these costs. Nor do these standalone alarms require monthly monitoring fees which allow you to save additional money, an average of about $40 per month.

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SABRE Has the Highest Certifications

With the goal of providing customers with a globally accepted and accredited quality management system, Security Equipment Corporation recently renewed its ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO 9001:2008 Certification, originally implemented in 2004, provides objective proof that Security Equipment Corporation maintains an effective quality management system – which improves product consistency, quality, and overall organizational performance.

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SABRE Wireless Elite Home and Commercial Door Security Alarm with LOUD 120 dB Siren and Exit Entry Delays – DIY EASY to Install

The 120 db Elite SABRE home & commercial door alarm helps secure homes, apartments, offices, commercial space, garages and sheds at an affordable price. This DIY easy to set up alarm, provides practical and convenient exit and entry delays and is controlled by a 4-digit pin code of your choosing. Choose either the alarm or Chime mode. Once you enter the door and turn off the alarm, many choose to activate the Chime mode which alerts you when a person opens that door while you are present. This consumer preferred, aesthetically pleasing, premium while alarm requires 3Xaaa batteries and even has a low battery indicator.
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SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 dB Siren – Great for Home, Travel, Apartment or Dorm

A burglary occurs every 14.5 seconds in the U.S., and budget cuts have led to an average 911 response time of 10 minutes. Furthermore, without the ability to install a home security system, renters and travelers can have a hard time feeling secure in their temporary housing.

SABRE’s Door Stop Alarm is a great solution to either help fortify an existing home alarm system or use on its own in a bedroom, dorm, hotel room or apartment. The extremely 120 dB loud alarm is audible up to 1,000 feet (300 m) away and sounds when door pressure is applied.

The alarm is coupled with a non-skid pad to prevent the door from opening. This attractive, premium white alarm installs easily in just seconds – simply slide it under the crack of an inward-swinging door. There’s no wiring needed, so the alarm works during power outages. Requires 1x9V battery (not included).

For an extra level of security, the Door Stop Alarm provides a battery status update via a low battery indicator.

The Door Stop Alarm was developed by SABRE, the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, meaning this product is extremely reliable. Backed by 40 years in the security industry, SABRE products are ISO 9001:2008 certified and must pass rigorous quality assurance testing before leaving our facilities to give you peace of mind.

Improve your home security today.
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