The Benefits of Mulch For Plants

Knowing when to mulch your garden and flower beds are important to maximizing the benefits that mulch provides. Bulk mulch delivery in Ontario allows gardeners across the province to conveniently receive large amounts of mulch whenever it is needed.
mulch delivery near meIt is important to mulch the garden either in the spring after the ground thaws out (spring mulch) or in the late autumn after the ground freezes (winter mulch). The reason for this is that mulch acts as insulation for the plant roots. Think of mulch as a blanket for the ground; it is effective for holding warmth or cold in the soil. If it is applied too early in the spring, it will slow the thawing of the ground and the growth of perennials will be slowed as well. Applying mulch too early in the fall can have negative impacts as well. Winter mulch protects the dormant state of the plants and prevents premature awakening which can cause damage from the cold.

Applying mulch at the ideal times ensures the highest level of effectiveness and the benefits of mulch are fully realized.

The Benefits of Mulch

You already know that mulch is an excellent way to insulate the ground and keep plants protected. Mulch also offers many other benefits that help to promote healthy plants and flowers. For people who have a busy schedule but enjoy the beauty and versatility of a garden, mulch is an excellent way to save valuable time and effort maintaining your garden.

Mulch is an excellent way to keep soil healthy. Applying a layer of mulch made from previously living materials such as wood chips, chopped leaves, shredded bark or chopped leaves helps to regulate moisture and has the added benefits of providing nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. Keeping the soil moist promotes strong plant growth and requires less watering as well.

Weeds have a very hard time germinating and growing through a layer of mulch. Adding mulch to a flower bed or garden that has been thoroughly weeded is the best way to effectively minimize the need for regular weeding.

Mulch provides a clean look for any flower bed or garden as well. Wood chips especially are typically available in different colors allowing you to find the perfect combination of looks and function.

How Much Mulch Should You Use?

One of the most common questions people ask is “How much mulch should I use?” In order to fully insulate the ground and effectively discourage weed growth, a four to a six-inch layer of mulch should be used in areas that receive full or medium levels of sun. Two or three inches of mulch is usually sufficient for areas that are in shady areas with fewer weeds.

Bulk mulch delivery in Ontario makes it convenient for people to receive large amounts of high-quality mulch and other important gardening supplies such as soil, seed, and fertilizer. Realize the benefits of proper mulching for all of your flowers and plants today.

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The Benefits of Mulch

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  1. I like what you mention about the cosmetic benefits of mulch. It makes sense that mulch is a nice looking cover for the dirt around plants that would allow for minimal maintenance as well as good insulation. Mulch is starting to seem like more and more of a good idea for my yard because the weather we experience and the style of my yard make mulch seem like it fits right in.

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