Landscaping Near Me Michigan

Landscaping Near Me Michigan

Michigan consists of two peninsulas that lie between 82°30′ to about 90°30′ west longitude, and are separated by the Straits of Mackinac. With the exception of two small areas that are drained by the Mississippi River by way of the Wisconsin River in the Upper Peninsula and by way of the Kankakee-Illinois River in the Lower Peninsula, Michigan is drained by the Great Lakes St. Lawrence watershed, and is the only state with the majority of its land thus drained.

Below are list  Landscaping Near Me – Michigan, To get the service please call the phone number, open the official site or enter the data Long/Lat into google maps to obtain location.Landscaping Companies Near me


  • Great Wolf Lodge, 3575 N US Highway 31 S, Traverse City, MI, (866) 478-9653,, Lat/Long: 44.738769903497,-85.647552609444
  • Milarch Brothers Nursery & Landscaping, 17565 Nessen City Rd, Copemish, MI, (231) 378-4931, Lat/Long: 44.49089795351,-85.914241299033
  • A+ Snow Removal & Landscaping, 267 N East Silver Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI, (231) 631-5457, Lat/Long: 44.69065826646,-85.67769074986
  • A Snow Removal and Landscaping, 267 N East Silver Lake Rd, Traverse City, MI, (231) 342-2074, Lat/Long: 44.691195664965,-85.677781105042
  • On The Rocks, Traverse City, MI, Lat/Long: 44.76416,-85.622036
  • LandXscape Landscaping & Yard Maintenance, 8351 21 Mile Rd, Evart, MI, (231) 867-3878, Lat/Long: 43.770532384515,-85.252294242382
  • Rocks And Valleys, Harrison, MI, Lat/Long: 43.956915946935,-84.794053684291
  • C&M Rock Shop, 13166-13298 Honor Hwy, Beulah, MI, Lat/Long: 44.66016027,-85.97349698
  • Better Yards Landscaping, 2404 W Houghton Lake Dr, Houghton Lake, MI, +98 936 64 669, Lat/Long: 44.298529041449,-84.686769247055
  • Larsen’s Landscaping LLC, 3091 N US Highway 31, Scottville, MI, (231) 757-3850,, Lat/Long: 44.010827466846,-86.280262246728
  • KB Landscaping, Scottville, MI, (231) 233-1608, Lat/Long: 43.977128205545,-86.314709186554
  • Crystal Resort Service Landscaping & Irrigation LLC, 557 Thomas Rd, Frankfort, MI, (231) 352-9334, Lat/Long: 44.63,-86.23
  • Creative Landscaping, Suttons Bay, MI, (231) 313-2362, Lat/Long: 44.965420396526,-85.642856061459
  • Quality Lawn Care Landscaping Inc., 1817 W Conrad Rd, Ludington, MI, (231) 690-3801, Lat/Long: 43.933814996652,-86.327412128448
  • Peninsula Excavating and Landscaping, 6484 E Duck Lake Rd, Lake Leelanau, MI, (231) 218-3067, Lat/Long: 44.981981589002,-85.724558830261Landscaping Near Me Michigan
  • Green Scene Landscaping, 716-1096 E Remus Rd, Mount Pleasant, MI, Lat/Long: 43.596353710324,-84.829357453218
  • Cloverleaf Landscaping, 71 E M 61, Gladwin, MI, +98 942 60 390, Lat/Long: 43.980282,-84.363347
  • Cedar Rock Sportsplex, Cornfield drive, Cedar Springs, MI, Lat/Long: 43.186653530334,-85.553009987659
  • Scape & Sweep Landscaping, 4730 Krys Rd, Gaylord, MI, (989) 732-7917,, Lat/Long: 44.961919563266,-84.643886521704
  • JDR Landscaping, Cedar Springs, MI, (616) 222-4339, Lat/Long: 43.2200247999,-85.546588897705
  • New Heights Lawn Care and Landscaping, Gaylord, MI, +98 937 01 308, Lat/Long: 45.02447838633,-84.669764041901
  • Otsego County Alternative Landscaping Site & Conservation Forest, Michigan, Lat/Long: 45.044132232666,-84.667221069336
  • Weesies Brothers Garden Center and Landscaping, 3365 Fruitvale Rd, Montague, MI, (231) 894-4742,, Lat/Long: 43.441338732789,-86.325254558926
  • Cedar rock Sportsmplex, Cedar Springs, MI, Lat/Long: 43.187035515538,-85.5529798291

If you need a guidance to build landscape in your home, you can look for references in books about landscaping. Landscaping with Native Plants of Michigan is designed for beginning and expelandscaping near merienced gardeners who want to learn more about Michigan’s unique native-plant communities and how to successfully incorporate them into their home landscapes.

It combines the practicality of a field guide with all the basic information homeowners need to create an effective landscape design. The plant profiles section includes comprehensive descriptions of more than 600 native plant species, subspecies, and varieties of flowers, trees, shrubs, vines, evergreens, grasses, and ferns that have grown in Michigan since the time before European settlement.

Information on planting, maintenance, and landscape uses for each plant is also included. Readers will also gain many creative ideas from the section featuring Michigan gardeners who have successfully incorporated native plants into their home landscapes.

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