Outdoor Security Cameras

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Security, the main priorities of homeowners, therefore the selection of security system products is a must. Errors in product selection of security systems could result in losses invaluable. One of the mandatory product safety systems we have are security cameras, yes, a security camera.

Here are tips on selecting a good security camera

CCTV surveillance systems for homes are available in two types: wired and wireless (wireless). The cable system is almost similar to the electrical system in your home, wireless CCTV cameras while running on battery power and through wireless signals. CCTV systems are generally more expensive cable installation costs and is more difficult to be replaced. The advantage CCTV cable is more stable and has excellent signal quality that there is no conflict with other wireless devices in your home. While wireless CCTV cameras are very easy to install, easy to hide, cheaper to buy and replaced. However, other wireless device (such as a wireless phone) may interfere with the signal so that it will sacrifice the quality of the recorded image.

According to data from the FBI, about 79% of cases of home invasion started from the front or back door, or a window on the ground floor. If your budget is sufficient, weatherproof outdoor cameras should be installed on all exterior doors and ground floor windows. This camera is available in a standard type, cupola (dome) that is resistant to rain, snow may even have a heater for cold regions. In addition, vandalproof dome camera will be resistant to physical attacks, such as a stick or a hammer blow.

  • Video Recording Format

Most home camera system can record video for a specific period. Some of the old system can record onto VHS, DVD or mini-disc. But now almost entirely using technology DVR (Digital Video Recorder). DVR is a computer-based camera system that will record video to your hard disk making it faster and easier to check your recordings. Some high-tech system available today simultaneously upload your videos online. This way when you successfully penetrated the security system and your system is stolen or destroyed, you still have the video footage.

  • Virtual access

Many home CCTV system is now also offering online access to be viewed directly via the Internet or your smartphone. Generally feature live view, mobile notifications, or cloud-based features will require a monthly or annual fee depending CCTV CCTV company you use.

  • Price and Cost Installation of CCTV

You can get a CCTV security system cost by using only 4 cameras will probably cost around 300 USD. But in the world of CCTV “Quality is directly proportional to the price” remains in force. The more cameras, or you want the best picture quality, the price needs to be issued CCTV will also be higher.

  • CCTV Package

A package of CCTV offer complete coverage for property that is wider or commercial. CCTV packages usually included with the digital video recorder (DVR), which acts as a hub and storage of all your video recordings. When used continuous recording (depending on the size of the hard drive), the DVR can store up to several months of recording. Some CCTV’s package allows you to organize and view footage on a smartphone or tablet, so you can always check the situation of your business or home when you travel.