Completely Wireless Security Cameras

Features and type Completely Wireless Security Cameras

Here’s type and feature of Security Camera:

Outdoor camera with cables
Generally need to employ professional CCTV installations. Cables are difficult to hide make their supervision can be known by an intruder so he will try to avoid the reach of the camera. The advantages of this type of camera is a clearer picture of the wireless cameras and be more reliable for streaming. But the weakness of this type of outdoor CCTV cameras is on the cord. Weather and other disruptions in the outdoors can quickly spoil.

Wireless Indoor Outdoor Security Cameras
Type of camera is suitable for outdoor installation due to practical without wiring or depending on the power source. Wireless CCTV camera advantages is that it can be placed anywhere, versatile, are not easily detected (no cables are visible), easy to install, and can be easily moved when necessary. You can choose Lorex Wireless Security Camera System brand for your security camera. It’s called Battery Operated Outdoor Security Camera too.

Lorex Wireless Security Camera System

Color or Black & White Completely Security Cameras
Color CCTV cameras are more expensive than black and white camera, but provides higher quality in the recording. The Weakness of Outdoor Security Camera Systems are currently identify intruders. The ability to identify the perpetrators of such color of clothes, skin, eyes and hair will be difficult.

Camera with Width Angle Lens
If you have a spacious property then select the camera premises wide angle lenses can reduce the number of Outdoor Security Camera Systems are needed. Backyard area is ideal for this kind of wide-angle camera for the area can reach up to 104 degrees and a distance of up to 12 meters.

Bullet Camera
Named bullet camera because of its sleek like a bullet. The camera of this type is suitable for installation in a wall or ceiling. Bullet Camera ideally placed at the entrance or on the patio just need watchdogs in one direction only. Bullet cameras usually have no ability to move or to zoom. For an intruder, this camera will be easy to avoid because it is always viewed in the same direction.

Completely Wireless Security Cameras

Dome Cameras
This dome-shaped camera is suitable for the entrance, but it will be immediately apparent to anyone who approached him. Different types of bullet cameras, intruder will be difficult to know where the camera is pointing. In type better that speed dome camera, the camera can be rotated quickly to capture the image field.

Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras
The opposite of that is clearly visible dome cameras is camera type Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras (camouflage) disguised as other items such as clocks, plants, electrical boxes, smoke detectors and others. Alternatively from Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras is made the camera can be hidden behind a plant or tree that unknown intruders.

Infrared Camera / Night Vision Camera
Type Infrared Camera has the ability to capture images and video in the dark of the night thanks to infrared LEDs. This feature is indispensable for Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Systems because at night this capability will help us to feel secure because an intruder think they can get away from our view.

Weatherproof Camera (Weather Resistant Camera)
Each Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Systems should have some resistance to weather and other outdoor disturbances. Now, in the market available models are suitable for every type of climate such as rain, snow, high temperatures or windy. Protective lens is necessary in order not deterred by the rain. It also provided a camera which has a thermostatic control that allows the camera to heat up or cool down so as to prevent condensation on the lens to obscure the view. Consider also a safe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Systems against dust, insects, sun’s ultraviolet rays and is also resistant to destruction (vandal-proof camera).

Day / Night Camera
Because the light levels during the day and the impact of artificial lighting outdoors frequently changing, Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Systems should be able to adjust to glare, reflections, backlight, shadows and thick darkness.

Camera PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)
Ideal for outdoor areas are spacious. PTZ CCTV cameras have the ability to move and capture different angles which gives the ability of some fixed cameras (fixed-sight cameras). A PTZ CCTV cameras can be programmed or controlled by the operator from a remote location, it call Wireless Battery Operated Outdoor Security Cameras.

Lorex Wireless Security Camera System