Before buying a Security Cameras Package

Amazing Tips before buying a Security Cameras Package


  • The number of cameras and channels (Channels)

Security Cameras packages usually have a number of cameras and the number of channels in accordance with the capability and capacity of the DVR is used. The number of channels is the number of cameras that can be connected to the DVR. A 4 channel DVR (DVR cheapest type of current) is able to connect to 4 cameras.

  • Night vision infrared (infrared = IR)

Night vision infrared allows Security Cameras cameras to view and record in the darkness. Distance range will vary between cameras, so make sure you choose a package Security Cameras with night visibility was good enough to work in your environment.


  • DVR capacity

Capacity refers to the ability to store of DVR recordings. Once the hard drive is full, the initial file can be overwritten, so that larger hard drive allows you to view older records.

  • The picture quality

Security Cameras picture quality is measured in units of TV-lines or TVL. This refers to the number of horizontal vertical lines on the entire image. The higher the number, the image obtained will be clearer and more detailed. Great TVL is required if you record a large room or supervise properties from afar.

  • Mobile connectivity

With mobile connectivity features, Security Cameras cameras will be connected to your WiFi network. This means you can log in using a computer, tablet or smartphone and able to view live from one camera to keep your property anywhere.